Section 1 consists of 41 single-family home owner lots.  Some lots were turned over to Glenn Prettyman by Mr. Murray as part of the package when he began developing the community.  Section 2 was developed by Mr. Prettyman and has 55 single-family homes.

Executive Council

Section 1

  Mryna Mock  302-541-4645

Section 2

  Carol Brannan

Phase One is Briar Court North, it consists of ten (10) two-story buildings, each having four (4) condominiums. There is a courtyard connecting every two buildings, providing central courtyards for each building.

Executive Council

Bruce Kibby   304-496-8668

Phase 2 is Thistle Court, it consists of 44 townhomes. This community has reserved parking spaces. Some of these homes were built by Mr. Murray and the final ones completing the phase by Mr. Prettyman.

Executive Council

Debbie Muscolino   302-258-7171

Phase 3 is Thistle Lane and Morning Glory Court and the homes on Foxfire Drive. There are 43 Townhomes in this phase.

Executive Council

Gail Partridge   302-539-3175

Phase 4 is Briar Court South. There are 28 townhomes and two (2) two-story buildings consisting of four condominiums.

Executive Council

Nick Shevland   302-829-8411

Phase 5 is Beachwood Court consisting of 67 townhomes.  Beachwood Court is governed by their own Board of Directors.  This community has it own irrigation system and a lovely storm water management pond with a fountain.

Executive Council

Michael Darcey    #47 Beachwood Court     410-207-9637


Phase 6 is Bethany Breeze consisting of 94 Townhomes.  Bethany Breeze is governed by their own Board of Directors and its own Management Company.  It has two storm water management ponds at the front entrance and one pond in the back of the phase.

Executive Council

Vickie Voll  302-539-8592


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