All members in good standing may pick up their pool pass the first time they come to the pool. If you rent your Bethany Meadows home, or for some other reasons are unable to pick up the pass yourself, you must call Blue Sky Management LLC, 302-541-0889, to make arrangements to pick up your pass.  YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE POOL WITHOUT YOUR POOL PASS.

The pool rules are mailed with the Recreation Association Annual Minutes.

If your pass is lost, you may purchase a new one for $25.00. These must be made up individually and cannot be obtained immediately. For problems call Blue Sky Management at 302-541-0889. Once you have your duplicate pass, you may NOT use the original. If found destroy it. Individuals caught using a lost pass can be arrested for trespassing.

Everyone is asked to shower before entering the pool. This is rinse off sand and other materials that clog the filter system of the pool. There is a shower with both hot and cold water available in addition to the inside showers. There is no reason not to rinse off and it is the rule.

PHONE NO. 302-537-4843
During weather issues call to see if open!
Pool Attendant will answer if open.

Everyone is asked to obey the pool rules. As an owner you are responsible for your family and guests. Individuals not obeying the rules, causing a disturbance, or not treating the pool attendants with respect, may have their pool pass revoked for a period of time or the season.

If you rent your unit, you MUST provide your tenants the pool rules. Their actions are considered a direct reflection on you, the owner. To check if the pool is open, call the pool phone. There will be a recording.

Pool Rules
     Pool Pass Letter     Pool Schedule

The tennis court can be reached by following the walkway next to the pool and going over the footbridge. 

The tennis court is locked to prevent abusive use by those not playing tennis. Those wishing to play tennis must obtain a key. A form must be filled out and sent to Blue Sky Management with a $25.00 deposit check. Once the form and check are received, a key is sent to the member. If a member no longer wishes to use the court or moves from the community, the $25.00 deposit is return to them.

Tennis Court Forms are available at the pool from the attendant, from Blue Sky Management and on-line.

Download Tennis Court Key Form

       Our Tennis Court was resurfaced Fall 2009.

These are located by the pool. No shoes are provided.

This is located at the end of Bethany Drive. Just cross the foot bridge and turn right.

The nature trail was closed in 2004 due to the maintenance expense. The exercise trail is still in existence, but has been used very little over the past several years.



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