The Bethany Meadows Recreation Association was established in 1982 by developer Bill Murray.  Mr. Murray’s vision for this community was far beyond what was being planned at that time for communities in the DEMARVA area.  Mr. Murray named his community Foxfire Meadows. The name was changed to Bethany Meadows by developer Glenn Prettyman in 2001.  The Bethany Meadows Recreation Association is the umbrella organization for the eight (8) separate groups that make up the community.

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Section 1

Section 2

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6
40 Single-Family Homes

56 Single-Family Homes

Briar Court North – 10 two-story buildings each having four condominiums, 40 units total

Thistle Court - 44 Townhomes – this includes the newer homes built on Foxfire Drive

Thistle Lane, Foxfire Drive and Morning Glory Court – 43 Townhomes

Briar Court South -36 Townhomes and 2 two-story building each have four condominiums

Beachwood Court – 67 Townhomes

Bethany Breeze – 94 Townhomes

This community was planned for three types of housing to provide for maximum use of the land to benefit the residents with open meadows and top-of-the-line amenities.  As Phase 1 and Section 1 were beginning, the amenities were also taking shape.  The swimming pool, that had the Foxfire Fox Logo imprinted in the bottom, was enviable at that time and remains so today. Additionally, a tennis court, a nature trail, and a Pro-Mar exercise trail through the wooded area were developed.  The nature trail was closed in 2004 due to the maintenance expense.  The exercise trail is still in existence, but has been used very little over the past several years.

Everyone within the community of Bethany Meadows, the eight (8) groups listed above, is a member of the Bethany Meadows Recreation Association.  There is an annual fee for this membership.  The fee covers the maintenance and running of the amenities, as well as, the insurance for the common areas, the electricity for the common area street lights, trash collection for the common areas, and the water for the fire hydrants and pool.

The Covenants for the Bethany Meadows Recreation Association has set the time for their Annual Meeting for the first Saturday in February.  The Covenants dictate the timing of the annual meeting. 


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